Turbo Charge Your Credit



Preferred Customer Visa

An Excellent Start

Starting off with the pre paid Visa card can help you create good spending habits and prepare you for an unsecured credit card down the road.

Create Better Spending Habits

Making an on time payment every month ensures your credit card stays at an R1 rating which is the best rating for your credit report.  With the pre paid Visa card you don’t have to worry about overspending or missing payments.

Be Careful

If you can't afford it in cash or off your debit card, you definitely can't afford it on a credit card.

Live Credit Experts

Our experts go to work negotiating & settling with creditors to reduce collectible debt up to 80%.

This takes a lot of work and a fair amount of back and forth with creditors. Within 3 months, we have the improved credit score you need.

We will also remove errors and expired accounts from your credit report as these also lower your score.

Reduce and Eliminate

Be Different

Most Canadians don't know that their collections can be negotiated, reduced and in many cases removed.

Unlock Financial Options

Owing debts in collections is a red flag to every lender. Reducing and removing collections can help improve your chances of getting approved for financing (mortgages, car loans, personal loans etc...)

Regain Control

It's very common to see your credit score improve when a collection's account is removed. Make the decision to improve your credit, and we will help you every step of the way.

Well I have to say that I received an excellent service… it helps me rebuild my credit and in grateful to them thank you
signed up for them and any issues i had they solved
After signing up, within 3 months I had multiple collection accounts disputed and removed off my credit report..
Great Service! They negotiated my collection accounts and achieved some exceptional results. $2,000 in debt gone!
they delivered some serious results with regards to my credit by removing close to 5 k in collection debt.
These guys provided great results and got the job done , debts cleared and credit score up!
credit resources offered an easy approach to minimizing my debts. The service went beyond just numbers, they truly took their time making sure they could get rid of as much debt as possible and providing good advice along the way.
this company saved me time, money, and stress. they handled a bunch of debt I owed and cleared it off my credit bureau.
simply put, my credit score is much better after this program.
I inquired about getting some help with my credit and came out of this program with a couple thousand dollars less in debt.
They kept me informed and involved every step of the way while eliminating an old collection bill that was keeping my credit low.
Credit resources helped put my credit back on track. They cleared up several items from my credit bureau which boosted my credit up by a quite a bit.
For 20.00 a week for 6 months credit resources eliminated 6000.00 of collections I owed, and removed some errors and inacuracies off my credit report that were killing my credit score!
Working with credit resources was a smooth experience. The team there was incredibly knowledgeable and supportive throughout the entire process. I recommend them to anyone needing help with collection debt. I'ts only 20 dollars a week and for only a 6 month period, so like 520$ total . supper worth it if you have thousands owing to collections, they'll remove most of it!
Credit resources exceeded my expectations! They were able to sattle my debts for much less than anticipated, and their fees were very reasonable, 20$ / week, definitely content with the results.

No Credit Check

Program Features

  • Get a Preferred Customer Reloadable Visa Card
  • Remove Errors & Expired Accounts on Credit Report
  • Remove & Reduce Collection Accounts
  • Weekly Payment of $20 (Cancel Anytime)

Turbo Charge Your Credit For $20 Weekly!

Upon submitting your purchase application, your first 20.00 $ weekly member payment will be debited on the nearest Friday, and continue until customer is satisfied with the results of the credit repair program. Customer can use the credit repair program services as long as needed and cancel anytime.